Feng Shui Tips To Create Wealth

Everybody would like a little bit more money. You might like to take your family on a holiday, but a home or just be looking to save for a rainy day. No matter what reason, Feng Shui can help you create wealth and see some more money in your bank account.

Feng Shui is the ancient art of using energy flows to make a more harmonious life for yourself. By changing the way your home is set up and your furniture arranged, you can help the flow of energy be at its best. It doesn’t take a lot of time or hard work to do. By not using Feng Shui in your home, negative energy could be at work, actually causing money to go out the door. Of course, you may like to use these tips in your office as well, as both areas can effect your life when it comes to Feng Shui.

Of course, the best way to get your money to look after you is to first look after your money. Always keep your wallet well organized, with only the cards and receipts you actually need inside. Keep your notes and coins well ordered. Be sure to keep all of you financials well organized, pay your bills on time and keep your accounts balanced. This creates positive energy.

The entrance of your home is very important in Feng Shui. This is a place where energy both enters and exits the home. When it comes to creating wealth, make sure that your entrance is not cluttered. Many people place pot plant in front of their doorways, avoid doing this as it can block energy flows. Inside, place a blue or black rug inside the home to symbolize a river of opportunities flowing into your home. You may have noticed a small three legged frog symbol in the entrance of people’s homes. This little frog is for luck and wealth, you should always place one just inside your doorway facing into the house. This is also helpful when you are selling a home.

The south east corner of your home is most strongly associated with money. You should be sure to always keep this area as tidy as possible and clear it of any unnecessary clutter. Ideally, this room should be lit with natural light. If this is not the case, invest in a light or lamp in this area and have it switched on as often as possible when you are home. The element associated with wealth is wood. Bamboo wind chimes are a great idea, they represent the wood element while the chimes activate positive chi.

You may also like to have a representation of water in this area of your home, which is complimentary to wood. A small fish bowl or a water fountain is ideal. If this is not possible, try a mirror as a substitute for water.

Anything that is broken in your home should be fixed as soon as possible. Broken things, in particular pipes and stoves generate negative energy and will not help you create wealth. Looks for things like loose doorknobs, cracked windows and anything that isn’t working the way it should be. If you are unable to get things fixed, remove them from open view where possible.

Your home is very important in creating wealth. So much so that followers of Feng Shui who have found great wealth will often refuse to move form the home they lived in while they made their fortune, believing that to do so will stop their luck so far.

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